Leiht Home Design

Leiht’s team is growing and has the means to build anything that suits your needs, from large remodels and additions to your dream home!  Leiht’s talented designers will work with you to design your new home from layout to materials. Once the plans are solidified, our carpenters will get to work with impeccable quality.  You will […]

Welcome to Leiht Restoration’s shop!

Welcome to Leiht Restoration’s shop! Clients have the opportunity to see our office space during design meetings, but they never actually get to see our shop.  This space is where creativity goes from an idea to fabrication.  Aaron and Mike generally start out the day at the shop to get organized for the day ahead. […]

Urban Basement Remodel

With the completion of this urban basement remodel comes that beautiful satisfied feeling that always makes all the hard work well worth doing.  The only thing that was left to complete with this project from the last update was the millwork.  Everything came together perfectly on this face lift to give this couple more usable, […]

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